Monday, November 23, 2009

Skokie Park Dist.: Jews like to skate at night too

Realizing I haven't laced up my skates since Fred's Erev Super Bowl skating party (Jan. 31), I picked up public skating schedules at my friendly neighborhood skating rinks: Robert Crown Community Center and Ice Complex in Evanston and the Skatium in Skokie. Both feature midday weekday skating. Both offer Friday night and Sunday afternoon skating.

Other evenings? Happily, the Crown Center offers Saturday nights, 8-10. That's perfect for shabbos-observant Jewish skaters who can hit the ice at that time all winter long. But the Skatium, which has many more Jews in its vicinity and contributing to its upkeep via local taxes, only has evening public skating 6-7:15 on Saturdays. That works for a few weeks in November and December for shabbos-observant Jews. There's also 7:15-8:30 Friday nights. Thanks, Skokie Park District. I'll be right over.

Shabbos-observant Jews who work for a living and want to skate at the Skatium must compete for space with the kids and families on Sunday afternoons. Really, Skokie Park District--is that the best you can do? How about a couple of hours after 7pm on a Sunday through Thursday night? Between the figure skating and hockey, there must be some time available.

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