Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not again, Rep. Schakowsky!

Jan Schakowsky sent a fundraising email to supporters attacking Joel Pollack's warm-fuzzy introductory campaign ad.

Really, Mrs. Schakowsky: what's wrong with this ad?

Where exactly is it misleading? No, it doesn't mention Andrew Breitbart because most voters don't know who he is. It doesn't mention the Tea Party or Hudson Institute. It's designed to attract voters, duh, not turn them off or bore them. As for Joel's stance on issues, geez, Jan, he only has 30 seconds.

What we find grossly dishonest is Mrs. Schakowsky's pitch to her supporters: "In order to respond, we need to hit our fundraising deadline by midnight tonight." And, "Can you give us $10, $15 or $20 to make sure we can respond to this misleading ad?"

Mrs. Schakowsky is outraising Joel 6-1. According to, she has over $0.5 million in the bank. Why exactly does she need more campaign cash to respond to this positive ad with the nasty attack ads that she wants to run? Can't she just borrow $1-$2 million from her husband? The cries of poverty are dishonest and frankly embarrassing for a six-term entrenched incumbent.

Congresswoman, we think your supporters are tired of listening to you whine about your opponent. Cut the attack ad. Let's see if it's in you.

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