Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Six-year-old girls are hilarious

I had the following conversation at the bris milah I attended yesterday.

"What's your name?"

Ken. What's your name?


Are you six?


(To younger sister: Are you four? "Yes." What's your name? "Tova.*")

Where do you live?

"Highland Park, at (intersection I didn't recognize)."

Where do you go to school?

"Highland Park Montessori." (Naturally.) "But next year I'm going to Ravinia because I'll be in first grade."

Do you do anything besides go to school? Karate?

"I have ballet and soccer. I have friends who do karate."

Oh. Do you play an instrument?

"I'm thinking of playing the flute."

I think Sarah's schedule is heavier than mine.

*Not really.

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