Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miley prances on stage; parents surprised?

Here we go again.

Parents allow their children--well, daughters--to idolize (worship?) a teen icon--in this case, Miley Cyrus. Then they are shocked, shocked, when this icon starts to look and sound like a sexy adult starlet.

Welcome to the land of fame and sex
am I gonna fit in?

Full lyrics are here. I would like to see Miss Cyrus explain to the ladies on The View how she plans to fit in to the land of fame and sex.

That couplet is from the song "Party in the U.S.A.," which Miley Cyrus sang at the Teen Choice Awards Monday night, Aug. 10. While giving shout-outs to LAX, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, the song also mentions arriving at a club in a taxi. Cyrus is 16 years old. Um, what club would that be, Miley?

According to this story from L.A.T., parents are upset over Miley's sexy dance moves and her choice of shorts. Look, I wish she had picked a full-length skirt, too. Which decade is this? As I mentioned in a previous post, skirts and girls'/women's shorts are shorter than ever. Parents, puh-lease. You let your little girls pick role models from the Hollywood entertainment industry--a world very different from yours. Don't be surprised when these singers and actresses "go Hollywood." Here's an idea: if you must allow your daughters to watch, forewarn them: "Miley sings and dresses like that to attract attention. You and I live in the real world."

Hmmm. What if Cyrus had worn a full-length skirt--not unheard of--and minimized her dance choreography? Would it have made a difference? Maybe the buzz surrounding this story will end up helping her career and her transition to adult roles.

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