Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rosh Hashanah is less than 4 wks away

This is a short piece the Lubavitcher Rebbe z"l wrote about preparing for Rosh Hashanah. Copyright 2009 The Shluchim Office of Lubavitch.

A series of five fantastic days of dazzling Creation from light to solar systems to grass and trees--yet none of those days were designated as the Head of the New Year. Why isn't Day One of Creation designated as Rosh Hashanah? Why Day Six, the day on which G-d blew the breath of life into the very soil to create Adam?

Chassidic thought explains that G-d created the universe for a purpose and equipped the universe for that purpose. And only when Man was created could the purpose of the universe begin to be realized.

We may often wonder why G-d created a universe in which we spend most of our time on rather ordinary pursuits, not spiritual treks. Life finds us stuck in traffic far more often than it finds us contemplating infinity.

But that's precisely the plan. G-d wants us in that traffic, on the go, pounding that pavement, to make it all a place where He is welcomed and not feared or shunned.

For maximum results, G-d needs partners, not well-wishers--people who put aside what they want and do what He wants. G-d pledges the same: He will move heaven and earth (literally!) for your sake.

As a new year begins, we commit ourselves to more than loyalty--we commit ourselves to partnership with G-d in His plan for the Universe. On Rosh Hashanah we make G-d's objective our personal objective, doing for Him what only we can do for Him.


I found that piece beautiful, inspiring and spiritually uplifting. Thank you, Rebbe.

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