Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bully Beatdown on MTV

Where was this show when I was in school?

The premise is that bully victims contact the host, Mayhem, at his MTV office pleading with him to help them with their problem. Mayhem investigates and invites the bully to fight a professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter in the MMA octagon. The bully can pocket a portion of the purse (provided by MTV) for each round if he is successful but must personally hand his cash losses to his victims.

I just watched the episode above, which includes one victim relating that he had anal surgery to repair a tear after this particular bully gave him an atomic wedgie (pulling his underpants up on his body). This is brutal physical abuse that suggests the bully has deep-seated psychological problems, including, in my opinion, doubts about his own sexual identity. The other victim is the bully's own stepbrother, whom he has been tormenting since the victim was five years old--when they met as a result of their parents' marriage. I truly feel bad for the stepbrother, who should have been shipped out of town for school when it became apparent the situation would not resolve itself. According to the stepbrother victim, this situation continued for 20 years.

The show is played for laughs, with the host and victims whooping it up as the MMA professional administers an old-fashioned ass-whuppin'. (In this episode, the pro outweighs the bully by only eight pounds, or less than 4 percent.) But this situation is serious, and I hope the handshakes at the end were genuine and heartfelt.

Thanks, MTV.

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