Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not that there's anything wrong with that

A co-worker told me that because of my strict kosher observance, he assumed I was gay.


If one were to ask friends and acquaintances about me, that exercise may produce numerous adjectives. I suspect "gay" would not be one of them. A bully who lived less than a quarter-mile from me (hey, John!) would frequently call me "fag," but I doubt even he thought I was gay.

I was really surprised. I thought back to reading about a recently published book, Guyland. I thought, "This guy lives in Guyland. He and his friends must prove to each other on a regular basis they are absolutely, positively not gay. Having a relationship with a woman sounds gay, so instead they just hook up and have sex."

And he makes this assumption based on my kosher observance? I tried to explain that most people who keep kosher are heterosexual and that it's a tradition going back three millenia. But to my (Jewish) co-worker, it's a foreign concept that implies homosexuality.

What a difference maturity makes. I hope he grows up. Some people never do.

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