Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jan Schakowsky: "You have everything to fear"

There's a fascinating contrast between U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky's campaign website,, and her fundraising letters to supporters. The website is designed to reach out to everyone. The letters are targeted to Yellow Dog liberal Democrats. In the letters, the congresswoman warns that if she loses her seat, and the Democrats lose the U.S. House of Representatives, your worst nightmares might come true:

Rep. Joe Barton will become chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee!
Rep. Paul Ryan will chair the Budget Committee!

Sarcasm isn't nice. So we won't add any here. Let's merely point out what she didn't mention:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi will no longer be the Speaker of the House!

If Rep. Schakowsky had reminded voters that a Republican takeover of the House would remove Pelosi from her role as Speaker, she just might have unwittingly sent money flooding into Joel Pollak's campaign. But she's a campaign veteran. She didn't mention Pelosi. Good move, Congresswoman.

Schakowsky, who opposes Americans' Second Amendment right to bear arms, reminds me of Former NRA Spokesman Charlton Heston, whose most famous line was "From my cold, dead hands." Rep. Schakowsky is desperate to hold on to her congressional seat in the worst possible way. She will paint her opponent with the worst excesses of the extreme right despite his moderate views. We're convinced the only reason she hasn't accused him of racism is because his wife has dark skin. She aims for the underdog label--"A fighter for our side" is her new campaign slogan--despite her 6:1 fundraising advantage and her place among the Democratic Establishment. Furthermore, Schakowsky and her convicted felon husband Robert Creamer are millionaires. We're waiting for Creamer to lend her campaign $5 mil or so. She can't run on her embarrassing tax-and-spend record, plus no benefits for her Ninth District. So she runs a negative, scorched-earth campaign that is unbecoming her office and her character.

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