Friday, July 11, 2008

City Council anti-war resolution--for Iran!

This is my reply to an email message sent to me by Neighbors for Naisy, a neighborhood grassroots political group keeping the fires warm for Naisy Dolar's run for alderman in 2011. The message expressed support for a Chicago City Council resolution opposing an American-led war in Iran.

Let me first say at the outset I believe local governments should not pass resolutions regarding foreign policy. Foreign policy is set by the White House and its State Department, with the advice and consent of the Congress. If citizens have opinions regarding foreign policy, they may contact their representatives on Capitol Hill. In our case, those representatives are Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Sens. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama.

The U.S. needs to keep all its options open with Iran. The Islamic Republic presents a clear and present danger to Israel, its neighbors, the West and the world. When negotiations fail, we must show Iran we mean business, whether that would be a naval blockade, a first-strike air attack, or an air-and-ground invasion. We must keep all options on the table and avoid Dennis Kucinich-inspired appeasement, such as ruling out military action.

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