Sunday, July 6, 2008

Torah as symphony

From CTN Torah Minute by Rabbi Moshe Katz. --Ken

Hope all is well.

Our two boys, who are in day camp, went on a three day overnight last week.

So my wife and I “escaped” for a few days in Milwaukee.

Among the things we saw advertised?

An outdoor concert by the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra.

And off we went.

But we were in for a surprise.

Because we didn’t read the small print.

They weren’t playing the standard classical music.

What were they playing?

The music of a Milwaukee rock band.

The Gufs!

(Talk about being overqualified!)

We figured we would wait and see.

And it was fascinating.

While I wouldn’t say you could close your eyes and swear it was Beethoven?

And while I’m certainly not 'into' rock and roll ...

It actually sounded quite good when played by the Milwaukee Philharmonic Orchestra!

… And it got me thinking.

About the Torah!

How Torah is our Philharmonic Orchestra.

... We all do some pretty boring and unexciting things.

Like getting up in the morning. Eating. Going to work. Talking on the phone.

But our tradition gives us tools to elevate every part of our lives.

To put everything to music!

When we get up in the morning?

If we thank G-d we’re alive? Really appreciate the gift of life?

And resolve to make the coming day meaningful?

… It’s a symphony.

When we eat?

And we make a bracha, a blessing?

Even appreciating the small things?

Like a bowl of (whole grain) cereal. A piece of fruit. A drink of water?

… It’s a symphony.

When we get to work?

And greet everyone with a smile.

Especially when we don’t feel like it.

Or ask ourselves, “Would the Torah want me to do this? Is it ethical?

Will someone’s feelings be hurt?

… It’s a symphony.

And when we get on the phone?

But we don’t share that piece of juicy gossip?

Or when we use the call to raise someone’s spirits?

… It’s a symphony.

And like our concert?

It doesn’t cost a penny to turn our lives into a symphony!

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