Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Theft from auto

Just a note and a warning--really a follow-up from a news article I read about a surprising number of thefts of GPS units from vehicles. Driving south down Lehigh from Touhy to Devon Avenues this morning, I approached Devon and noticed two vehicles parked on the west side of the street, near the fire station, with piles of broken glass on the street next to them. I pulled over and parked (had to pick up a RedEye newspaper anyway), and noticed the driver's window broken on each vehicle. Impossible to say what had been taken, but the stereo systems appeared to be intact. Were GPS units gently removed from the windshields? Word to the wise: when you leave your car, take your GPS with you. Wipe off the windshield so the suction cup mark doesn't show. Don't leave it in the glove compartment as thieves will look there. I think we need to start printing "No GPS--I took it with me" stickers (with the "no" circle and a red line through it sign) similar to the "No radio" stickers once ubiquitous on parked cars in Manhattan and elsewhere. The thief can break the window and leave a "just checking" note--I read about that happening once--but most would move on.

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