Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does anyone still use in-line skates?

It was beautiful in Chicago today with highs in the low 70's under perfect, cloudless blue skies. Can't ask for better than that. I wanted to do something outdoors, but not just sitting outside reading the paper. So I went hunting for my circa-1994 Rollerblade in-line skates, which I certainly have not used since 2004 and possibly years before that. I laced them up, added helmet, wristguards and mp3 player, and hit the suburban concrete. Except for soreness just below my inside ankles, they felt good. I think they need a tuneup and wheel rotation. I was able to maintain my balance except for one near-spill, thank G-d. I went 3½ mi. or so as others enjoyed the weather, playing driveway hoops, walking dogs and babies, playing street lacrosse, or riding bikes. It was a typical nice-weather suburban scene. Not particularly interesting but quaint nonetheless.

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