Monday, April 6, 2009

TV Update


The BAG bites the dust: a Terminator shoots Derrick Reese (Brian Austin Green). I was stunned. First Jessie (Stephanie Jacobsen) is written out of the show, and now her boyfriend Reese, John's uncle, is shot when our group of friends, realizing Savannah is in danger, head to the corporate campus to rescue her. Funny how they arrive just as an attack is under way. I am as incredulous as Catherine Weaver: why were Savannah and Weaver targeted?

Does Weaver remind anyone of Miss Parker in The Pretender?

When are Ellison and Sarah going to figure out Weaver is a machine? I hope before it's too late and she targets them first. Did Weaver notice that our friends have a cyborg working with them? JohnHenry did.

I liked Cameron killing that guy who was going to remove her chip in the March 27 episode. Who are these people working for? I wonder if Weaver and the Connors will end up working together. They need to retrieve Sarah from incarceration first.

interesting show that I'm struggling getting into. An English-speaking kingdom is fighting a war with Gath, a nation with whom it maintains diplomatic relations. (Odd.) Gath's tanks are marked "GOLIATH"--so much for Biblical subtlety. The kingdom's capital, Shiloh, looks a lot like Manhattan with some updated 21st-Century buildings. I'm only halfway through the pilot, so I'll post again when I finish.

Would it be possible for a large, powerful military contractor like Starkwood to threaten the executive branch and attempt to take over America? That seemed to be its desire as the clock struck midnight and Starkwood's soldiers threatened to engage FBI agents on Starkwood property in Virginia. The series continues tonight.

Lost: The Dharma members end up setting the seed for their own destruction by allowing The Others to save Ben's life and then taking him back. Big mistake, it turns out.

BTW What's up with Sun and Frank? Are they still in the 21st Century? What are they up to? Sun will not be able to find Jin if he's stuck in 1977.

Hurley worried about tough questions like, "Who was president in 1977?" The Worthless One, Jimmy Carter, DUH.

The Unusuals
(new abc series that follows Lost on Wednesdays): not sure if the series is going to be as good as the trailer. Interesting that NBC is replacing "ER" (which I never cared for) with another cop show, Southland.

Dancing with the Stars:
Shawn Johnson or Melissa Rycroft? Does this series really need to be 3 hrs./wk.? Yeesh.

The Office:
I'm still catching up. Michael tried repeating everything his new boss said, right back to him, like a little kid. Pam's reaction: “I can tell Michael’s mood by which comedy routine he chooses to do: the more infantile, the more upset he is. He just skipped the Ace Ventura talking butt thing, and he never skips it. This is bad.”

NCAA Men's Final Four: If North Carolina beats Michigan State tonight, that will be three wins for UNC in Ford Field this season, compared to none for the Detroit Lions. And Detroit played five additional games.

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