Monday, June 30, 2008

Election '08 issues

Here is a rundown of the issues that concern me in this presidential election. I’m with Sen. McCain on every one of them except choice.

1. Terrorism: Obama seems to think every foreign policy problem can be solved through negotiation. McCain believes in a tougher approach. At least Obama isn’t Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-CAIR).
2. Israel: I do believe Obama supports a strong Israel. Please, he is not a foreign agent for Hamas. But he flip-flopped on undivided Jerusalem, telling the AIPAC conference he supported an undivided Jerusalem and then backtracking the next day. Very disappointing. McCain will probably maintain the State Department’s long history of anti-Zionism, and would probably pressure Israel for an agreement in his second term, but he’s the wiser choice now.
3. Government size: Obama wants to grow government, including $400 billion in new spending in his first budget. McCain has always been a deficit hawk and opposes congressional earmarks (pork barrel spending).
4. Tax increase: Obama wants to raise taxes on individuals making $125K+ and couples making $250K+. I just don’t see how such an egregious tax increase can help in this slow economy.
5. Free trade: Unlike President Bill Clinton, who helped NAFTA through the Senate, Obama opposes free trade. McCain favors it.
6. Nuclear power: McCain wants to build 100 new nuclear power plants across America, reducing our reliance on dirty, environmentally destructive coal and foreign oil. Obama opposes increasing usage of nuclear power.
7. More drilling: McCain favors more offshore drilling, adding to our oil supply. He remains opposed to ANWAR drilling. Obama opposes offshore drilling.
8. School choice: McCain favors it. Obama opposes it. It would be interesting to see if President Obama sends his daughters to Sidwell Friends (Chelsea Clinton’s alma mater) or a D.C. public school. Would the former choice be hypocritical?
9. Gun control: McCain believes people have a right to own guns. Obama said he agrees with Chicago’s gun ban, but then he said he supports the Supreme Court’s decision striking down D.C.’s gun ban. Well, they both can’t be right. Which is it, Senator?
10. Woman’s right to choose: McCain opposes it and will appoint anti-choice judges to the Supreme Court. Obama favors it and will appoint pro-choice judges to the Supreme Court.
11. Gay marriage: President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law. Now Obama says he agrees with the California Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage. McCain opposes gay marriage.
12. Supreme Court: The next president will appoint between two and six judges to the Court. Chief Justice Roberts, and Justices Alito and Thomas may be all we will have left from previous administrations. McCain will appoint judicial conservatives. In light of the Guantanamo Bay detainee decision and the close win for gun rights, I’m afraid we are in dire need of more judicial conservatives. I would also be concerned about a liberal High Court approving of gay marriage. Obama will most likely appoint left-wing judicial activists like himself.
13. Health care: Obama wants universal health care. While I’m sympathetic to working Americans who struggle to find affordable health care, giving free health care to illegal immigrants isn’t going to help.
14. Immigration: McCain favors tighter controls on illegal immigration. Obama opposes any further restrictions.

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