Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I finally finished the last three hours of Lost for the season, and I'm almost sorry I watched at all. Furthermore, I'm not too enthused about watching next season. So we can see Sayid conspire with Ben to take out more people? Not sure if I'm too interested in that. The season finale was so, so sad. We knew we were going to lose Jin, but still....Did George and Rose stay on the island? Are Cindy and the little kids still in the Others group? Do the nurse and Sawyer hook up? I thought the nurse wanted to go home. No? What about Miles? Why did he want to stay? Didn't make sense to me; I thought he was just a hustler and con man. Why did Charlotte want to stay?

How did Locke get from the island back to L.A.? Before or after he died?
How did Ben get from the island to the Sahara Desert?
What really happened to Claire?
Where the hell did the island go?

Instead of lying about the island and its inhabitants, wouldn't press attention focused on the island persuade Charles Whitmore not to attempt another massacre operation? And wouldn't at least one media group attempt to visit the island to see it for themselves? Just saying, "Oh, no more survivors" wouldn't really cut it.

I'm thinking back to the Season 3 finale, when Jack first made contact with the ship. A few of them got what they wanted--rescue. Would Penny have rescued them all anyway? And why didn't her boat go to the island to fetch more people? They all wanted to stay?

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