Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gun ban cont'd.

A friend wondered in a Facebook note about the future of Chicago's gun ban. She was somewhat undecided on the issue. Here is what I told her:

I read your note and appreciate your concerns. Obviously, the gun ban hasn't reduced violent gun crime in Chicago. As for road rage, a friend of mine said half the cars in Chicago have guns on board, which is why cops have their hands on their weapons when they approach vehicles pulled over. If the Second Amendment doesn't refer exclusively to militias, then it MUST necessarily allow guns in the home. I think it's a FIRST Amendment issue (right to privacy), a women's issue, a Jewish issue, and a singles-living-alone-in-a-dangerous-city issue. If I lived in Lakeview, my concern would not be gun sales within walking distance. It would be prowlers/burglars entering my bare-bones-security building and looking for apartments to burglarize. Yes, I would like to keep a gun near my bed. The very fact that law-abiding citizens can own guns (once the ban is overturned) will make all of us safer, whether we pack heat or not. I don't understand the mayor's viewpoint on this. I think he is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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