Monday, December 15, 2008

Connors race to woods to save family from Terminator attack

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fox Mondays 8pm ET/PT
Episode 12: “Alpine Fields”; Air date 12-08-08
Halcyon Productions
Directors: Charles Beeson, Bryan Spicer

This was a tough episode. The directors use creepy music to announce the arrival of another Terminator on the scene. It really does feel like a manhunt when the Terminator kills the family dog (off-screen) and throws Cameron into a plate-glass window. Too bad Cameron accidentally killed Roger, Sidney’s father. Can’t she tell who is a cyborg and who is human? I was wondering about that—specifically, how a cyborg matches up with a human in terms of body weight and temperature. Cameron (Summer Glau) looks like she weighs 100-110 pounds (45-50 kg). As a cyborg, is that estimate accurate?

“She’s not my daughter. She’s one of them.” Sarah could be nicer. Cameron just does her job.

If sending a Terminator back to 2008 to kill people is so easy, why doesn’t Skynet send more than one? Its Terminators are running into resistance here.

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