Monday, December 8, 2008

The Office 12-04-08 (spoilers)

The Office
Thursdays 8pm ET/PT
Reveille Productions/Universal
“The Surplus” – Air date 12-04-08

Michael Scott is such an idiot. Of course he doesn’t understand the concept of a budget surplus. Did he graduate from high school? And of course he leaves it up to the office to determine whether to replace the copier or the chairs. And of course he can’t calculate 15% of $200 in his head.

What a great episode—especially since it ended with Michael being humiliated by his employees. He thought by giving his employees the choice of how to spend the surplus—copier or new chairs—they wouldn’t decide, and he would keep the bonus (for returning the surplus). Instead, the copier faction conceded to the chair faction, and Michael was out his hoped-for $645.

The Wedding, air date TBD, is shaping up to be a bombshell episode. Angela and Andy, married at Angela’s paramour Dwight’s farm? Recipe for disaster and destruction, attended by everyone.

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