Thursday, December 18, 2008

My response to the alderman's terse reply

Dear Alderman:

Thank you very much for your kind note. I very much appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule during this holiday season to respond to my inquiry.

I would hope the Alderman wouldn’t consider my sign removal request out of line in light of the fact he removed the Touhy stop sign at Albany shortly after its installation a year ago.

Students at Rogers School already enjoy the benefit of a crossing guard at the Touhy/Washtenaw intersection during their commutes. Given the guard’s presence there, isn’t the stop sign redundant? And given the sign’s reason for being is just two hours a day, school days only—when a crossing guard is there anyway—isn’t its 24-hr. presence also excessive?

I would support an electric or temporary stop sign that functions only when schoolchildren are present. But a full-time, permanent stop sign isn’t fair to motorists. I disagree that the school’s presence a quarter-mile away justifies installing Touhy’s only stop sign over nine miles of thoroughfare.

Best wishes for Chanukah and 2009.


Kenneth Salkover

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