Wednesday, December 17, 2008

UFO’s + Terminators = ?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fox Mondays 8pm ET/PT
Episode 13: “Earthlings Welcome Here”; Air date 12-15-08
Halcyon Productions

This episode was a little odd but shed some light on Riley’s past. So she came back with Jesse to 2008, and her assignment is to...protect John from Cameron? And Cameron’s assignment is to protect John from cyborg killers. So is Riley a bit redundant? No wonder she is so upset. It’s also a letdown when one finds out a person one thinks is a friend considers one just a peon and lackey. Worth killing oneself over? I don’t think so. Riley knows what Cameron is and really should be more guarded since she should know Cameron is an excellent observer of human behavior. Cameron keeps trying to warn John about Riley but isn’t doing a good job.

I’m a little sympathetic to Cameron’s plight, even though she’s not supposed to have feelings that can be hurt. She exists to protect John, yet Sarah and John treat her like she’s in the way. They’re not very nice. Cameron tries to be the third wheel with Riley and John—doesn’t eat or drink but wants a smoothie—and it’s very awkward.

The guy living in drag kind of freaked me out. I wonder if everyone on his team was hunted down and executed like him. Interesting (a stretch?) that Sarah was able to find the warehouse where he worked. We’ll see if she’s able to get out of there without too much blood loss. Who was the motorcyclist executioner working for? What is the alien connection to cyborgs and Terminators, if any? My curiosity is piqued.

Miss Weaver hasn’t shape-shifted or killed anyone in quite a few episodes. She’s due.

Science fiction tv side note: it appears NBC is ready to cancel Knight Rider, which is not nearly as popular in 2008 as it was when it first debuted in 1982. Too bad—it’s a decent show, especially with Smith Cho helping run operations at CentCom (Knight Industries home base).

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