Monday, December 8, 2008

How much for valet parking?

There’s a certain cachet for valet parking—drop off the car right in front, have it waiting when leaving. If there’s no velvet rope line, there’s no need even to bring one’s coat inside. My friends were extolling the virtues of valet parking at Zella Saturday night, on Clybourn near Armitage Avenue. I parked on the street a block away and braved the cold for all of two minutes. Is it really worth $10 plus tip? For me it depends on how bad the parking situation is. In a downtown or heavily congested entertainment district, it’s likely there is no nearby parking. So valet means paying the guy to park one’s car illegally, which he gets away with since he’s the valet. Does that involve "tipping" police? Sounds like a great scam to me. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with valet parking he or she would like to share? And is there valet in Chicago under $10?

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