Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ty Coughlin and

One drawback of listening live to the Michael Medved Show is coming across these awful ads for this get-rich-quick scheme. It costs $50 from Coughlin, the self-proclaimed beach bum from Hawaii, via the site just to find out how to make all this money. You can run a Google search or YouTube search to find out for free. It turns out he is not really a beach bum. He is a master at multi-level marketing. The goal with this process is to set up a website and then to use methods to draw traffic to one’s site by showing up on Google responses to vague searches like “New York vacation” or “Florida golf vacation.” People who join his plan buy the right to have their websites set up with his expert marketing strategies in place. The websites sell $3000 vacation club packages. The vacation club is a pretty good deal. But how many people in this economy have $3000 to join a vacation club? Furthermore, Coughlin wants several thousand dollars for an entry fee from each person; he suggests spending twice as much to market the new website, and on top of that he charges a few hundred a month in maintenance costs. Who has all that money to risk on a new business venture that dozens, if not hundreds, of people are in already? What a great scam for Coughlin. He spends a few grand on national radio ads and rakes in the cash from new people who want to become as wealthy as he is.

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