Thursday, January 1, 2009

Can Criss Angel's show at Luxor be saved?

The author of one of the blogs I subscribe to, Richard Abowitz (Movable Buffet, at, has mentioned numerous times that the show Criss Angel: Believe, which opened at Luxor Las Vegas a month or two ago, (1) has suffered horrible reviews and has yet to receive a positive review; (2) is offering deep discounts on seats and may include complimentary tickets to local residents; and (3) is going to undergo extensive revisions to the show.

If you go, buy the cheap tickets. You'll be able to move down.

Two facts stick in my mind:
1. Criss Angel is an extremely talented magician and entertainer. His show on A&E was very successful, if I recall correctly.
2. Cirque du Soleil has five shows on the Las Vegas Strip in addition to Criss Angel: Believe. They are all very successful. O just celebrated 10 years at Bellagio.

This leads me to conclude that surely Angel and Cirque can put their heads together and figure out how to stage a popular magic show. Luxor executives would like to be happy they signed Angel to a 10-year contract. Angel would like to avoid being an embarrassment to himself and his fans. Cirque doesn't want to close a show. There must be a happy solution.

On that link to the Believe page on Luxor's website: Holly Madison is Criss Angel's girlfriend. It's fine for her to be quoted as offering her opinion of his show. But Luxor should say, for disclosure purposes, "Miss Madison is in a romantic relationship with Criss Angel." That may mean her opinion isn't worth much. (It isn't.) But it should be up to the site viewers to make that determination. Luxor shouldn't keep such information secret, as though Madison's opinion were balanced.

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