Thursday, January 1, 2009

NYE in Lakeview

As a matter of principle, I don't pay for parking unless it's absolutely unavoidable. When I want to park in Lakeview, if I don't have a guaranteed space (HA!), then I park in Uptown or Andersonville and take a bus down. On New Year's Eve, I gingerly drove down Broadway and parked when I was far enough south that there was only one space available in an entire block. This was just south of Argyle - sort of an Uptown/Andersonville border.

The party I attended was very nice. Credit to the host, who left for Israel the day after the party! Very impressive because I'd be pulling a Pack-Up All Nighter. The kosher brie was outstanding. I do enjoy watching the Times Square Ball Drop on television. Unfortunately Dick Clark does not look good. Is he going to keep doing this until he goes on to olam haba (the next world)? Other than this annual gig, I think he has been off tv for about 20 years. The Chicago fireworks looked pretty, but nothing new. The midnight surprise was a motorcycle stunt at The Mirage in Las Vegas. It was nice of Fox to wait until 12:15am CST for the jump - after the Chicago fireworks were over! Robbie Knievel, Evil's son, was to ride his motorcycle over the famous volcano in front of The Mirage. In advance of the jump, the announcer showed several deadly scenarios should the stunt not go as planned. One of them was rider incineration if he falls into the erupting volcano. I read on Twitter that this was not possible as his jump was near, but not over, the volcano. It was still an impressive jump, but I feel a little cheated, and the announcer was lying to the viewers if Knievel did not really jump over the volcano.

Knievel was emulating his father's famous jump over the fountains in the driveway at Caesars Palace 41 years ago - New Year's 1968, I guess. The Mirage and Caesars are next-door neighbors.

Was it very cold Wednesday night in Chicago? Either my tolerance for cold weather is not what it once was, or it was colder than I thought. I believe it was 12 degrees when I left the party to catch a bus back to my vehicle. I was not dressed for that. I should have worn my Very Heavy Winter Coat. In the car on the way home, I think I counted 10 Chicago cop cars on the road, including one lying in wait near Pete and Sac. I've never seen a speed trap there despite having driven by that intersection at least 100 times.

Lincoln Avenue between Peterson Avenue and McCormick Boulevard is like a war zone. Good luck keeping your vehicle in one piece as you navigate the numerous potholes that broke out last week on the already-horrible pavement.

NYE drinking perk: Chicago offers free cta rides, but Las Vegas has a drive you-and-your-car service--free!

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