Monday, January 5, 2009

Vikings barely sell out home playoff game

This story had me scratching my head for a number of reasons.
1. The Vikings hadn't even made the playoffs since 2001 or so, let alone played a home playoff game in that time.
2. Complain about the harsh Minneapolis weather? It's 70 degrees in there. Oh, the parking is awful? Wow.
3. Vikings fans seem to be pretty dedicated. I would think they would want to show up to support their team.
4. The Vikings won their division, giving them the #4 seed. They weren't favored against the Eagles, but they had a decent chance of winning the game.

What really had me wondering was the complaints from Vikings fans about the 26-year-old Metrodome being such a dump and a bad place to watch a game. And then people laugh at me for calling 92-year-old Wrigley Field similar names!

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