Monday, January 5, 2009

Frost/Nixon ***½

Universal Studios
Moving Image
Running time: 1:50

I thoroughly enjoyed this film based on the play of the same name, which premiered in London in advance of its Broadway run. Frank Langella totally apes President Nixon. I can't speak for Michael Sheen's David Frost, as I have no idea who David Frost is. I don't remember any of the Nixon Administration, Watergate or its aftermath, so the film was something of a history lesson for me. (I also have not read Nixon's or Kissinger's memoirs. That's several thousand pages I just might not get to.) Frost and Nixon had their own agendas and went head-to-head in their series of interview tapings. If Nixon's San Clemente, Calif. home--the Western White House during his terms in office--was accurately portrayed in the film, it must have been quite a breathtaking abode. The outdoor scenes supposedly set there are quite stunning. Unfortunately, the Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace is in Yorba Linda, about 44 miles northeast of La Casa Pacifica. I don't know if the former Nixon home is open to the public.

In this article about the president spending time in San Clemente: "wetbacks"? Ouch!,9171,902697-3,00.html

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