Monday, October 27, 2008

$150,000 wardrobe

I'm quite sure everyone knows who I'm talking about. It was the big discussion topic when I switched to the Bill Press Show this morning to avoid the six-minute commercial block on sports radio.
This is so unfair.
Could we review a few accepted axioms of politics?
1. Presidential candidates need to dress well and look good because they're always on tv and speaking to thousands of people on a daily basis in the course of the campaign.
2. Women's clothes cost more.
3. There is an expected dress code for presidential candidates, which reflects the Capitol Hill/White House dress code. This dress code is not business casual. It's what I would call business formal: suit and tie, or jacket and tie for men; suit, or blouse and skirt for women. (And please don't ask about pantsuits. I can't stand them. So unattractive. Maybe that's why she lost.) The male candidates can dress down, depending on the crowd: loosening or removing the tie, removing the jacket, and rolling up the sleeves. I suspect the female candidate(s) has/have less leeway and opportunity to dress down.

So please: Leave Sarah Palin alone! We have an economic crisis and serious issues facing this nation. Yet the media decide to focus on the Republican National Committee's shopping extravagance? Come on. The media wouldn't touch multimillionaire Cindy McCain and her stylish outfits, probably because she knows her place--right beside her husband. But Gov. Palin dares to make a run for national office, and it's open season. I'm sure that in constant dollars, Mrs. Reagan's wardrobe for inaugurations and state dinners was far more extravagant. But her top-name designers were delighted to design her outfits at their own expense. The RNC actually had to pay cash--perish the thought!--for Gov. Palin's campaign wardrobe. Admit it, please: for her national debut at the Republican National Convention Sept. 3, and for the Vice Presidential Debate Oct. 2, you really wanted to see what she was going to wear. She looked fantastic. Gee, is that so bad? If this was taxpayer expense, sure, let's turn the dial to "tizzy." But if the RNC wants to blow 150 large? Money well spent, as far as I can tell. Could we stop acting like there's nothing important to discuss in this election? Sigh.

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Stephen said...

It's the hypocrisy that is the problem. You can't identify with 'real America' and deride the elites when you're so desperately grasping to be one.

Imagine a Rabbi raging against people in public about keeping Kosher, and then being photographed enjoying a cheeseburger and milkshake. The food is not the issue.

The clothes are not the issue. Sexism is not the issue. Saying one thing and doing the opposite is the issue.