Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prop 2 wants Calif. farm animals to have more room

A few days ago, I wrote a critical item on Michael Savage and his radio show, The Savage Nation, because I felt he had descended into demagoguery as far as the presidential campaign was concerned. On yesterday evening’s show (Nov. 29), he spent a lot of time talking about Proposition 2, a ballot measure in California easily overlooked due to the hotly-contested Proposition 8. Prop 2 requires that farm animals have more room in their confinement, and Savage was very, very supportive. He even cited the kosher laws as early anti-cruelty measures. (He also incorrectly stated the Torah’s ban on pork is strictly for food-poisoning/trichniosis concerns. No, it isn’t. But that’s another matter.) So I’m glad he stuck his neck out for animal rights here on a measure the Big Farm lobby strongly opposes. Betsy, Anne Marie, and Susan: this is far down your ballot, but don’t forget!

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