Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Election '08

I still believe an Obama-Biden White House would not bode well for the next four years in this country. Higher taxes, larger government, a liberal Supreme Court, and a softer stance toward international Islamo-Arab terrorism are all aspects of that administration which we could expect. However, I understand the viewpoint of my friends Laura and Steve who included “Republicans out of the White House” as one of the top three issues facing America in this election. If Sen. McCain were elected, I would worry about the ability of the Democratic Party to nominate serious candidates for president in the next two elections after three consecutive losses* (2000, 2004 and perhaps 2008).

Whoever wins in 28 days, this election will finally, after 56 years (!), break the death-grip the South, Texas and California have had on the presidential ticket. Every successful ticket since 1952 (Ike-Nixon) has had at least one candidate from the South, Texas or California. That streak is due in no small part to a pair of California Republicans, Presidents Nixon and Reagan, who won six presidential elections between them, including Nixon’s two terms as vice-president.

*”Three consecutive losses” reminds me of the Cubs in the playoffs.

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