Monday, October 27, 2008

WRP Singles scene cont'd.

Judging from the number of comments from my first post, I apparently touched a nerve.
Okay, Yakov is right: I shouldn't be passing along rumours or impugning rabbis, either in general or by name. Fine. And of course it's grossly unfair to paint all rabbis in a community with such a broad brush.
In terms of kosher certification and the determination of whether an establishment can earn hashgacha, it is true that cRc initially refused certification to the live deli, live fish market and Chinese restaurant in the Howard Street Jewel. How did that turn out? It was a celebration in the observant Jewish community that we have now more culinary options than before. So I think there are times when cRc errs too far on the side of caution in terms of hesitating to grant hashgacha. It should be encouraging food establishments and entrepreneurs to "go kosher."
And no, I'm not bitter! I'm not worried about getting married; at this point, I have more pressing concerns. For those who work hard at helping single people get married, I salute them. I do believe that what I sense is an occasional duty should be an ongoing passion. There is a shidduch crisis in the community. The situation can be greatly improved, in my opinion, by encouraging and persuading more people to be actively involved in the shidduch process. It's not just for professionals.

As for criticizing or blaming rabbis: I consider this matter closed. Criticizing cRc: that discussion has a life of its own without my help! The shidduch crisis: worthy of an ongoing discussion. Stay tuned.

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