Friday, October 31, 2008

It's different in swing states

It’s different in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia

Here in a solidly blue state, the presidential campaign is just a rumour. Oh, sure, Obama ’08 National Headquarters is somewhere in River North, near downtown, and his home is in Hyde Park. But he’s rarely here, and there have been no official candidate visits, as far as I know. We don’t see presidential campaign commercials, unless they’re aired to bleed into northwest Indiana.
The first three aforementioned states have been swing states since at least 1992. But the other three haven’t gone Democratic since 1964 (LBJ landslide) or earlier. With Sen. Obama’s geyser of cash fueling an unprecedented advertising and campaign appearance onslaught, he made those three red states competitive. So much for assumptions! As I just noted, it benefits all of us when votes are not taken for granted. That’s true on a voting bloc level as well. Democrats should target Christian conservatives and other values voters. Republicans should target black and Jewish voters. Democrats should target married couples (among whom they perform poorly), and Republicans should target single college graduates.
I read an interesting article about Ohio voters, who put up with constant ads on tv and radio, mailings, phone calls, and volunteers knocking on doors almost daily. They’re exhausted! The media in Ohio and other swing-state markets are counting the money as campaign funds flow in for more advertising. Onslaught, assault, wall-to-wall—they all apply, and most voters in swing states will probably be glad when it’s over on Tuesday.

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