Monday, October 13, 2008

Do losing candidates have ulterior motives?

I always wonder about presidential also-rans secretly rooting for their party’s candidate to lose in November so they can run again in four years. Did Sen. McCain really want Gov. Bush to win in 2000? Sure, he played the good soldier, but if Vice-President Gore had won in 2000, McCain could have run in 2004. Instead, he’s running now, and many people think he’s too old to be president. Does former Gov. Mitt Romney (R.-Mass.) really want McCain to win this year? If McCain wins, then Romney won’t be able to run in 2012, which is his current plan. He would need to wait until 2016, and by then he’ll be too old. Does Hillary really want Sen. Obama to win this year? Same problem! But if Obama doesn’t win, then Gov. Palin will be v.p. And Hillary wants to be the first woman as president or vice-president.

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