Monday, October 13, 2008

Election cont'd.

At this point, Oct. 13, I think the election is over and that Sen. Obama won. With politics, I’m often wrong. But that’s how I see it. I heard on one of the news shows Sunday morning that in 1980, Gov. Reagan (R.-Calif.) overcame a mid-October polling deficit as large or larger than Sen. McCain suffers now to win the election. How Reagan was so far behind President Jimmy “Pathetic” Carter is beyond me.

I loved seeing that woman at that town hall meeting in Minneapolis tell Sen. McCain that Sen. Obama is an Arab. Where did she get that idea? She’s been reading too many email messages, in my opinion! He’s an Arab, he’s a Muslim, he’s an antisemite, he’s a foreign agent, he’ll make the U.S. government a Hamas ally, he’s a traitor, he’s the anti-Christ, and he’ll appoint too many “coloreds” (according to a few white male voters). And Michael Savage says he has an Oedipus Complex. Where did all this fear and loathing come from?

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