Friday, October 17, 2008

Sox stunner

I can’t stand it when baseball games run over three hours (most of the time, especially in the American League), so I doubt I would have watched the Red Sox game last night anyway, even if I had TBS at home. But it was certainly time well spent from the bottom of the seventh to the end of the game, in which Boston roared back from down 7-0 and seven outs from vacation. 8-7 Red Sox; game time elapsed: 4:08. Paying attention, Cubs? How’s that for never-say-die? The Cubs need a spark, like David “Big Papi” Ortiz (3-run homer after a 1-for-17 playoff slump), to kick some ass in a clubhouse full of guys who played dead once the regular season ended. (Uh, Manny Ramirez is available.) Red Sox ace Dice-K allowed five earned runs in five innings last night, but his teammates didn’t give up.
On Aug. 30, when the Red Sox were in town to play a series on the South Side, I saw a woman in Lakeview wearing a Kelly-green t-shirt with white lettering, “GREEN MONSTAH.” Say no more! A Red Sox fan through and through.

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