Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back up your cellphone's data bank

In the last three weeks, two of my friends told me that they lost their cellphone handsets and the contact information databanks that they had built up over a period of years. I cannot stress this enough: back up your data to the Internet! Sprint charges $2/mo. for this service. (Thieves.) It’s complimentary with verizon for customers who sign up to view their accounts online. Even if a handset is insured, there is no way to recover the data from a lost, stolen or destroyed handset unless it’s backed up elsewhere. An additional benefit is if a customer renews his account online and asks the provider to send him a new handset via overnight delivery, there’s no need to visit the provider store to transfer the data bank from the old handset to the new one. The customer simply downloads the data bank from the Internet. This takes about a minute.

A very good idea.

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