Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FB should fix this cont'd.

Why is the Friend being added (the “Requestee,” which apparently isn’t a word) the person expected to provide the “Friend Details”? No, FB, the person who clicked “Add Ken Salkover as a Friend” (the Requestor) should be expected to provide “Friend Details.” When I add someone who may not know me that well or may not remember me, I include a message indicating how we know each other. The “Friend Details” option would save me the trouble. Conversely (did I use that correctly?), I’ve recently received two requests from people I hardly know. One was someone I genuinely do not know (more on her in a minute), and the other was a high school classmate. The latter replied to my “I don’t know who you are” FB email message. The former did not. I added her, noticed we had no Friends in common, and “Remove[d] as a Friend” a few days later. Then she requested me again! I told her again, “I don’t know who you are.” No reply. She would only say she lives in Virginia, further indicating we would seem to have no connection. (If she had said, “Hey, you’re hot, I’m adding you,” I’d understand. Right.) There’s no way to “Request Friend Details” to the Friend Requestor. There should be.

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