Monday, November 3, 2008

Proposed Constitutional Convention for Illinois
(I could not find the “No” website that former Gov. Jim Edgar is helping out.)

I received a ten-minute explanation at dinner Friday night (thanks, Mitch—and dinner was delicious, BTW, thanks, T) on why a constitutional convention is a horrible idea. The 1970 convention lasted 17 months and cost $31 mil (in 1970 dollars), according to Mitch. If the sleazy taxaholic Jim Edgar is opposed to it, along with every other Illinois politician, that suggests to me it’s a great idea. If the Chicago Tribune and Tribune columnist Eric Zorn endorse it, that suggests to me it’s a great idea. But Mitch’s argument certainly gives one pause. Mitch added that the members of the Illinois House and Senate and their lobbyists would be in charge of the convention.

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