Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friends show their true selves on Terminator

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Mondays 8pm ET/PT
Halcyon Productions
Episode 10

The opening scene was as exciting as the rest of the episode. John Connor’s uncle, Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green, or the BAG), discovered his back-from-the-future girlfriend Jesse (the very attractive Hong Kong native Stephanie Jacobsen) was tracking John. He confronted her in her hotel room and gave her 30 seconds to leave. She countered that the Resistance sent her back to protect John, and it is the cyborg, Cameron, John’s supposed protector, who is the problem. Jesse touched a nerve here; from his experience in the War Against the Machines, Reese can’t stand cyborgs and doesn’t trust Cameron. He decided to give Jesse more time. It gets better: John’s apparent girlfriend Riley, whom he met in school before dropping out, works for Jesse. Interesting, but they’re not really double agents. If they worked for the Machines and had wanted John dead, they have had plenty of opportunities. I thought the rest of the episode, with the high-tech company, the chip, and embezzlement, was a waste of time. Powering up Cromartie the Terminator as an extension of the AI computer John Henry? Very dangerous. I still can’t figure out what Miss Weaver wants to accomplish. I don’t think she’s after John Connor. Why did she rebuild Cromartie?


Lisa said...

I didn't think Jessie said the resistence sent her back. I got the feeling that she decided Cameron was a bad influence on John, and came back to do something about it.

Which begs the question... it's pretty clear from the previous ep that she and Derek are from different futures. Maybe she's from one where Cameron has a lot more influence. She'd kind of have to be, or how else would she know that John knew Cameron when he was a teenager?

So... is Riley a resistence fighter as well, or did Jessie hire her on after she came back?

And I don't know about Cromartie being dangerous. I don't think he's Cromartie any more. The personality is in the chip, remember. And that's been destroyed. The body may be Cromartie's, but the person is just John Henry now.

As far as Weaver's agenda... my guess is that even the machines have factions. Perhaps she's from a faction that actually wants the machines to be more human. Sort of like the Cylons in BSG.

Ken Salkover said...

It never occurred to me that Jesse was reacting to Cameron's input, power and presence in the future. Hmmmm. Interesting theory.
If Riley is more than she seems, that would come as a surprise to me.
I don't trust John Henry either, and seeing Henry in cyborg form is unsettling.
Not sure how you see Weaver's possible desire "that...wants the machines to be more human." She is a Machine. She's killed four people. More human? How?
I didn't understand your Cylon reference! Never saw the show.

Lisa said...

Wow, you're missing out, not having seen BSG. It's amazing.

Anyway, what I mean is, remember the scene where Richard Schiff was torturing Derek? The machines were trying to learn to be more human. What if the imperative to be more human for the purpose of defeating humans mutated into an imperative to be more human, period? I mean, look at Cameron. She's clearly got a desire to be more human that has nothing to do with protecting John.

Killing people isn't necessarily inhuman. It's unfortunately one of the more human characteristics to kill someone who stands in the way of something you want. Why would Weaver want Ellison to teach moral strictures to John Henry if not to alter the development of Skynet to have it come out less implacably lethal?

About Cameron in the future, that was what Jessie told Derek. That she came back to eliminate Cameron because Cameron in the future was having much too much influence on future John.