Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stereo Sinai lights up Loyola University Student Ctr

Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed another splendid performance by my friends (full disclosure!) Miriam Brousseau and Alan Sufrin, who performed last Thursday night at a Loyola Hillel-sponsored coffeehouse event at the Loyola University Student Center in Rogers Park. (BTW this is not the world's largest student union. The world's largest student union is in Bloomington, Ind. Ahem. But I digress.) When Stereo Sinai FINALLY took the stage, it was a great show. Oh, Loyolacappella was great, too! Loyola Hillel (well, Laura, to be more precise) was kind enough to provide a nice milchig kosher spread--stick with the bowtie pasta and avoid the wraps, but that's just me--and drinks as well. If you can make Stereo Sinai's next gig, by all means make the trip. Miriam and Alan put on a nice show, and they even talk to and thank their fans. =)

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