Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HRC 2012?

Newsweek’s exclusive behind-the-scenes election reporting revealed that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D.-N.Y.) held a strategy meeting with senior advisors at the Democratic National Convention in Denver last August. The subject of the meeting: running for president in 2012. Very bad form and bad taste, considering the whole party was supposed to be focusing on electing a president in 2008. Even worse, I read or heard Sen. Clinton is already planning to mount a primary challenge to the president in 2012! How gauche! Just who does she expect to vote for her? A few close friends and her daughter?
I can see why the President-Elect is considering sending her to the U.S. Supreme Court or Foggy Bottom. It would be worth it just to get rid of her—although he would need to discuss foreign policy with her regularly if she were Secretary of State.

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