Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dress up for shopping?

After my derailed blood donation this morning, I shot up the Edens Expressway to Court* to see a breakfast showing of "Twilight" ($6) and meet an old friend for coffee. I thought, "I'm going to Court, so I'd better dress up." Court seems to me to be an upper-echelon shopping centre where one should not dress like a slouch. Jeans, fine. Crappy old sweatshirt, better not. So I wore a turtleneck and sweater, with apologies to the '80's. My sister-in-law thinks the idea of a dress code for Court is hilarious. In past eras, people would dress up just to go downtown. Am I an anachronism?

*My nickname for Northbrook Court, from a tv ad campaign years back. "Come to Court. Northbrook Court."

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