Thursday, November 13, 2008

A couple of tv notes

A couple of tv notes:

The Office (spoilers)
Thursdays 9pm ET/PT

Michael Scott is such an ass, and I’m getting tired of it. I saw one item refer to him as a “grinning idiot,” and I think that’s an apt description. Michael firmly believes he is a great person, a great boss (the mug he bought himself even says so), and a great boyfriend. He is none of these things. He gets others into trouble and then absolves himself of any responsibility. He cannot keep a secret. He demands being the center of attention and cannot stand it when someone else is in charge. He behaves poorly and immaturely when his actions cause his own embarrassment. His ethics violations at the office would certainly doom any real-world branch manager. He seems to work hard at being racially and ethnically insensitive and often personally insults his underlings.
Lying to his office about being engaged, encouraging a subordinate to purchase a bridesmaid dress, and then throwing out the store receipt she gave him for the dress she couldn’t use: that’s Michael for you.
Obviously, this is a winning formula for a tv show, and people love it. I’m more interested in the interplay between Dwight and Jim, which Jim finds hilarious and Dwight finds irritating. (Dwight is no charmer either.) And I’m waiting to see how Andy’s and Angela’s wedding at Dwight’s beet farm is going to blow up. Dwight and Angela are having an affair.

The Catherine Weaver cyborg is obviously an updated Terminator version compared to Cromartie (deceased) and Cameron. Catherine Weaver can shape-shift and turn her forefinger and tongue into a metal rod of death. Unless she’s hiding ability, Cameron doesn’t come so well equipped.

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